Measuring time has always been a fascination for men. Over the years, the methodologies for doing so have evolved, to the point that currently the tools for measuring time have become an essential and elegant accessory.

The inspiration that brought LANDRÉ to life occurs at Mayfair, London - 2012. The unconventional elegance of people at the streets and the effortless but unique sophistication of its architecture designs were what marked the first sketch of our beloved LANDRÉ ONE.

The following years were the most important for LANDRÉ since the decisions that were made would be decisive in the final result. Talking with our founder, he remarks that the question he constantly asked himself was: As a watch lover, what are the essential requirements in a watch worthy of my collection?

Today, LANDRÉ has managed to manufacture time pieces that combine elegance and sophistication in one piece. From the complexity of the tourbillon, to the texture and finish of the strap. The materials used in the manufacture of these pieces were meticulously selected, meeting the demands of any connoisseur of watchmaking.

Every story begins on a small plane and that's how it was for LANDRÉ, its launch was local, among collectors and people who share the same passion. And it is until now that LANDRÉ decides to open its doors to the world as part of the repertoire of collectors who seek beyond the conventional.